When we learn, we transform.TM

CARES are committed to spreading knowledge, awareness and understanding using education as a tool for insight.

The Mission:

  • By working together we can inspire social progress and well being for everyone.
  • CARES make online education accessible to anyone who wishes to learn.
  • CARES help people heal and succeed after negative experiences.
  • CARES connects students to the right professional development opportunities.
  • CARES make education fun and interactive.
  • CARES teach the underlying principles that create your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, empowering you.


CARES is a place where you can learn new skills, find resources and enrol yourself on a variety of courses. You’ll be able to connect with other people who understand what you’re going through and get expert advice in a safe and stigma-free environment. Cares Global Academy provide you with “inspiration through education” as an aid to develop resilience when facing difficult or emotionally challenging experiences. When you complete a course of study on this website, you are creating new opportunities for yourself, and developing skills that can enable you to help other people—as a friend, mentor or teacher.

The benefits of Studying with CARES include:

  • Quick Evaluations.
  • Customise Your Learning Experience.
  • Learn At Your Own Pace.
  • Flexible Lesson Schedules.
  • Cheaper and faster than traditional education.
  • Communicate With Teachers.
  • Connect With Student Study Groups.
  • Enhance Your Professional Skills.
  • Easily Re-take Until You Succeed.
  • Better For Our Environment.

Who it helps?

Our lessons are designed to meet the needs of students and provide ongoing opportunities building a resume of knowledge. Education is great for mental health and is an avenue to new job opportunities, career progression, and academic qualifications. We analyse schools, colleges, independent educators and universities to find you the best courses, resources and learning systems.

Why it matters?

The saying "knowledge is power" is widely recognised as true, yet truly influential knowledge is knowledge that enhances the trajectory of our lives. Information that lacks meaningful application is akin to a branch disconnected from its tree. When education becomes meaningful to you, it's transformational across society. Our academy aims to improve how we live and work.

How are we different?

People study in different ways: Some of us are visual, some of us aural. There are people who can listen for hours and those of us who need to take regular breaks. Combining the advantages, convenience and fun of digital learning and online automation, as well as including live streaming and human support; we have created a powerful and engaging learning environment for students.

It is my sincere hope that our academy can help individuals find positive futures after negative events by focussing on education as a solution for improving mental health"

Adam Jarvis
Founder Cares Global LTD.